Current state of the EAPs?

When I checked the Early Access Programs within Sophos Central it appears that they are no longer available. I have joined the Server Protection program that expires in 2099, but it's not listed as available to join anymore. Neither Endpoint Security nor ZTNA show up.

Have these EAP ended and if I am already enrolled, will it continue to work until the year 2099?

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  • So - Essentially the EAP was not intended to give full access for a not licensed user in this terms.

    Back in the day, you could join an EAP even without having the product licensed - This option was removed (therefore you dont see the EAP anymore and can not join it anymore without a valid subscription).

    The license you currently use will be removed somewhat in the future - this is not announced yet - But it will happen at some point. Likely there will be an announcement plus a notification as well. 


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