I need serious response (Case Number: 07133660) and complaint to a support


Since new licenses were failed to apply, I raised a case to support at 11AM HKT on 5th Dec.

I got response at 1:21PM, and I provided required License Keys and failure screen for your reference at 3:52 PM on 5th Dec.

I wait for 24 hr without any response, then at 3PM on 6th Dec, got an update from Sheila Marie Javate that you need 24 hr more for investigation.

I then wait for 2 days without any update, over the weekend and got an "UNEXPECTED" and "DISAPPOINTED" reply on 11th Dec, that you need "screenshot of the error message". COME ON, I had provided you at the beginning.

what actually you did over these 6 days? what actually you investigated ? nothing ! right !?

it's totally completely failed in providing support !

Please assign someone to take a look and handle our case seriously.



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