[SOPHOS CENTRAL] Process to register customer to Sophos Central with our Sophos Central Partner


I am completely lost in the registration procedure of my client's firewall.

My goal is to be able to manage my client's firewall via our Sophos Central Partner.

Here are the different points that I tested but that did not work:
- Creating a Sophos ID account with customer@customer.com
- Registering the firewall on MySophos > Devices
- Registration on the same email address of the customer to Sophos Central Trial
- Adding the firewall -> OK but every time we connect it asks for the MFA
- I then wanted to authorize the partnership in Settings > Account details > Sophos support but there is no such option displayed and my company name does not appear in partner info.

So, I tried differently. Knowing that I could not create a customer account in MSP with the same email address:

- Creation of the Sophos Central account with customer2@customer.com on Sophos Central Partner in MSP client
- Adding an existing firewall -> Nothing appears
- Adding a new firewall -> Error 500

I tried to follow the following documentation:
- Creating a Sophos Central trial account via the firewall with customer2@customer.com -> Message saying "We couldn't set up your Sophos Central trial"

I'm lost, I don't understand how to do it...
We don't want to have to manage the firewalls through HTTPS anymore.

Could someone tell me the procedure he does on his side?

Best regards,


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