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How do I stop Sophos Endpoint from notifying users that Microsoft YourPhone is blocked 100 times a day?  We want it blocked but our users don't need to know that it's blocked over and over throughout the day.  I don't want to set "Focus Assist" to "Priorty only".  That would work, but it would kill other messages that I do want to see.  Thanks!

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    Thank you for reaching out. We recommend checking the Application Control policies in use. In the defined Application Control policy, under Settings, go to the "Desktop Messaging" section…

  • Unfortunately, this user never came back to say that it worked.

    The Windows Notification Center is where these alerts are coming from, not from messaging defined by Sophos. Each time that the app attempts to sync in the background, Windows gives an alert that the app was blocked and then drops it in the notification center. I know that we can change the priority in Windows, but that seems counter intuitive. I don't want to block Sophos alerts, especially when they are important that the user know that they might be compromised, but the users don't need to know every 15 minutes that we've blocked them from using an application that Windows attempts to run natively in the background.

    Any more ideas?

  • Looking through some of our previous release notes, I can see there was a fix for application control notifications pushed out with Core Agent Version 2.20.13.  

    Let me know if you can verify the version shown on the affected device. 

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