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Trial Process and Importing License File Recommended Roll-Out Plan
Trial process and importing license file with SafeGuard Encryption 8. SafeGuard Enterprise Recommended Roll-Out Plan.
How to Create Read-only Policies Application Lists: Define Applications
How to create read-only policies in SafeGuard Enterprise. How to define applications in SafeGuard Enterprise.
Application Lists: Windows Applications Application Lists: Mac Applications
Application lists: How to find Windows applications. Application lists: How to find Mac OSX applications.
Initial Encryption Configure Key Synchronization with Sophos Mobile Control
Initial encryption with SafeGuard Enterprise. How to configure key synchronization with Sophos Mobile Control in SafeGuard Enterprise.
Configure Key Revocation Unconfirmed Users
How to configure keys revocation on compromised devices with SafeGuard Enterprise. Cautions: Unconfirmed users in SafeGuard Enterprise.
Quick Start and Best Practices Web Helpdesk
Quick start and best practices guide. Web helpdesk guide.
Tools guide.