Sophos Safeguard: Failed to Create certificate

Saludos, tengo inconvenientes en consola de administración de sophos safeguard, la cual tengo algunos usuarios que de manera aleatoria, no se pueden crear manualmente certificados, adjunto la imagen y si me pueden ayudar a resolverlo, tengo ya varios usuarios de red nuevos y viejos que se esta volviendo recuerrente.

La versión es

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    I'd like to know whether there is any special character or non-RFC compliant special characters in the email address of the user except @.

    If it is existing in the email address, Safeguard version 8.0 will give you an error while creating a certificate.

    This issue was already addressed to be implemented in version 8.10. I'd recommend you to upgrade your Safeguard to version 8.10 which will resolve this problem.

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    A pleasure, and thank you very much.
    I tell you, which is possible because of the version I was reading and I have the version of the console, you have the link where I can download this and if there are more versions above.

    There is a procedure, I need to read more about this because I would already enter an RFC to proceed to this.

    Thank you very much, anything I inform you.

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    Please refer to this article which will guide you to mysophos portal and from where you can download the latest version of any product.