Problem in deploying app using Sophos Mobile on MAC OS


I am trying to deploy Applications using Sophos mobile on MAC OS ( IMACs and Mac Books). 

I create a package ( pkg ) from .app.  For example I create an Numbers.pkg using the command :

pkgbuild --component /Applications/ Numbers.pkg

I successfully upload the .pkg file to Sophos mobile Sophos-Mobile --> Apps --> macOS --> AddApp

I then install the application on the selected device using Sophos-Mobile -->Device --> Selected Device --> Installed Apps --> + Install APp

I see the status as successful on the Sophos Mobile - however the application is not installed on the device.

I am able to install .pkg files that are pre-built as .pkg , i.e. I do not have to build them using pkgbuild process using the above process.

Is there an example on how to install apps that are in .dmg format ? For example how to deploy Chrome browser on macOS using Sophos Mobile ?