problem creating windows 10 sysprep with sophos antivirus

I am trying to generate a windows 10 image by sysprep, I install the sophos antivirus with the respective step by step to generate the golden image and after this I run the sysprep and the image is damaged, you could tell me that I should take into account in order to have the sophos antivirus installed inside the image it is for azure virtualized desktops

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching us, what error are you getting upon loading your image? Aside from Sophos being installed on your Sysprep system was there any other application installed on your…

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  • Hello, I cannot get the ProcessMon stuff from the Sysprep process, because if you run sysprep you get disconnected from the session and cannot reconnect. I set Sysprep to just QUIT and not reboot or shutdown, but even then you got disconnected and cannot reconnect. The bad think on a generalized machine int Azure is that you cannot start it up again, so I don't know in the moment how to send you the needed logs.