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About Keepass Power Safe - Intercept X for iPhone

Hallo Sophos,

This is about my previous feedback on the Power Safe part of Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, an application for iPhone. First of all, I trust Sophos products and already use them both private and at work. That's the reason I was happy to install this application on my iphone in order to use as a replacement to the discontinued MiniKeepass. However, I have noticed and communicated the following:

1. Password entries do not display correctly. In the first screen, with different folders and password groups, the display is OK after closing and opening the application. However, inside the folders, the entries look crowded and sometimes very hard to recognize which is which.

I upload example screenshots in portrait and landscape orientations:




2. Also the application does not support the key derivation function "Argon-2" and can only open databases with the "older" AES-KDF. Below is a screenshot of what you will get when trying opening a database with Argon-2 key derivation function, I just does not open:


Unfortunately, this deprives us of using the more secure Argon-2 and I strongly wish you may introduce this ability in future updates.

3. The application does support only a single database file!!! why? The ability to open more than one database could be just a brilliant feature. I also hope that you are planning to add this in future  updates.




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