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Sophos Endpoint does not prompt for low reputation downloads in Windows 10



A file which is downloaded via Chrome or IE on Windows 10 generates a low reputation prompt but on Windows 10 there is no such prompt for the same file from the same site.


Windows 10 Pro 1903

Sophos Endpoint Agent 2.5.2


Has anyone experienced the same behaviour ?

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  • Hi Gleesong,

    Can you please give me more details? Are you trying it on different browsers or different Windows 10 machines?

    This feature is will only be performed against files downloaded through browsers. However, downloads in Firefox are NOT checked. The technology required for this feature has recently been removed from Firefox and we are monitoring to see if an alternative will be implemented by Firefox.

    You can find more details on the knowledge base article for download reputation here.

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  • Hi,

    This is not happening on any new Windows 10 PC or any PC I have updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7. That's 10 PC's so far.

    Tried Chrome and Internet Explorer.




  • Hi  

    I just wanted to confirm, you are facing this issue with existing machines with Windows 10? The database uses feedback from Sophos’ latest Windows Endpoint products to generate reputation scores for files seen on endpoints. Files can be assessed as low, medium or unknown reputation. The behavior of the product will depend on the settings selected from within the configuration options, over time SophosLabs may adjust the reputation data based on customer feedback and experience.


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  • The reputation score for the end point should trigger the same behaviour regardless of the OS then. If Sophos alerts for the end point on Windows 7 then it should be the same for Windows 10.

    This isn't happening and could result in increased exposure as I migrate across to Windows 10.

  • Hi  

    In this scenario, I'd request you to open a support case here as it needs more logs and detailed troubleshooting.

    Please PM us the case number once it is created.


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