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User portal: Remote access for user not visible


we have many users which are members for a "ssl vpn" group, which is bound to an ssl vpn profile. All users from this group can see "remote access", when they open the user portal.

But one single user does not see that menu entry. 

All users are imported from active directory. I deleted the user, but after recreating the menu entry is still not visible to him.

Any idea?


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  • Hi Ben,

    I had the same problem with a new user. The solution was, that the UTM needs some time to sync the new user/group membership (I think it syncs every two hours - I'm not sure)

    I started a syncronisation manually and the user was added to the VPN user group.


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  • Hi,

    the group is created locally on the UTM, so the group itself cannot be synced.

    Only the users are loaded from active directory.

  • Has the user tried with a different browser or cleared his browser cache?
    ACE v8/SCA v9.3

    ...still have a v5 install disk in a box somewhere.
  • the group is created locally on the UTM, so the group itself cannot be synced.

    The preferred solution is to create a Security Group in Active Directory and a Backend Group based on the Security Group in the UTM.  The Backend Group can be used in the SSL VPN Profile and the Security Group can be synced automatically on the 'Advanced' tab of 'Authentication Services'.  The first time you do the sync, open the Live Log first so that you can confirm there are no conflicts with existing objects in WebAdmin.

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  • I just ran into this same issue for a user.  Everybody is imported/authenticated remotely via ADS.  This user can login, but they only see the web filtering and basic menu, not Remote Access everybody else.


    Nothing is different for this user, looked at everything in ADS and the firewall.  Deleted, recreated via sso and import/sync for authentication etc.  


    Any ideas?  Nobody else seems to have this but 1 single user.  Stumped.

  • Dont worry.UTM nneds some time to sync new user or new group.

    Just be patient and after it start synchronization manually.I hope this feedback works,Regards.

  • Hi Seth - welcome to the UTM Community!

    Read my last post above.  If that doesn't lead you to the solution, show a picture of the Edit of the SSL VPN Profile and the Edit of the user object that's not getting access to the 'Remote Access' tab in the User Portal.

    Cheers - Bob

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