Weird SSL VPN Problem with Connecting to a 192.168/24 Subnet from a 10.242.2/24 subnet

Hi Community,

we're experiencing a weird problem. We have just got installed a new router from our service provider which connects us to a 192.168.200/24 where our Telephony Server is located. There is a working route on our coreswitch( to the subnet, so internal traffic flows normally. However when we tried to reach the subnet from our VPN Clients (default  the traffic gets dropped. Rules were all created, static route on the sophos is also working, vpn profile contains the subnet for tunneling. 

The Sophos can also reach the subnet from its internal interface 

The Routes on the Provider router ( are via so that should work right?

Now the problem is it is not working :) 

Am i missing something, i can also ping ssl vpn clients from the coreswitch, that is also working but for some reasong its not working. Do you think that it's a problem on the provider end or from our sophos ?

The Sophos we're talking about is running UTM 9.7

Thanks in advance :)

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