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SSL vpn

I have ASG 7.503. I have setup SSL VPN to my home network. After I connect to the SSL VPN from my laptop, I can see my home network fine but all internet connectivity is lost. I have read all forum topics on this issue and have tried lot of settings but nothing works. The name resolution of any website fails.

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  • ASG 7.503 is really really old. I'm not sure if there's a lot of folks here on the community that still know how it exactly was configured that time. Perhaps you should consider upgrading to a newer Sophos UTM 9.7x build.

    That being said in the current version of Sophos SSL VPN you should either include to the VPN profile (which is internet traffic), but you should also configure a DNS-server to use when connected to the VPN so name-resolution works. Besides that you either need to allow web filtering for those clients or set up a masquerading rule for traffic to be allowed to go out.

    However I have no experience with ASG product at all, when I stepped into UTM it was already Sophos, and I think this was somewhere in 2012 or 2013.

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  • Vanakkam Arvin and welcome to the UTM Community!

    I think that you can restore a 7.503 backup to 9.7.  If not, I have an 8.309 asg ISO from 2013 that you could access, and I know that you could restore to that, make new backups from the 8.3 version and then restore that backup to 9.7.  Try with 9.7 directly first though.

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