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SD-RED 20 Frequent short disconnects

We have 30+ SD-RED 20 deployed throughout our network. These are remote users who connect through a wide variety of ISPs and connect to 5 different firewalls (XG7500/HA, XG135, and XG210) across a number of different states. We regularly experience at least 10 short disconnects that last for a few seconds. The disconnects are not always with the same REDs each day. It is random, but will occur for approximate 10 of them daily. Most of our users don't realize this is happening and we're only aware of it for them through Sophos Central alerts. However, there are some users who work tasks are affected by this outage and it affects their work. We had this problem with the RED 15Ws, but to a much lessor degree. When we recently upgraded all to SD-RED 20s, the problem became more pronounced. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has had this experience as well. I just can't believe with the variety of ISPs, locations, and firewalls that it isn't an issue with the REDs themselves. I opened a ticket with support for this, but they're still investigating this.

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