RED issues with 9.704-2 - high CPU load / disconnects


I am having problems with my RED setup since applying 9.704-2 to my both UTM appliances. They are "homified" SG 115w and UTM 220.

Both have two RED servers and clients connecting vice versa. I am using availability groups with special monitoring on the RED interfaces in order to select my best route to the other site.

This setup was working flawlessly without any issues including version 9.703-3 and all 4 RED tunnels being up at the time. After applying 9.704 I am only able to have one of the four tunnels active. As soon as I activate a second one, I am getting a log like the attached one.
It gives me disconnects, "Missing keepalive from [RED client interface], disabling peer [IP address]" and "Overflow happend on [RED client interface]" messages in the RED log.


Switching the ep-red RPM package back to the old version solves the problem for me.


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