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9.601-5 Update Killed RED 50 Home Site DNS Resolution

Recently upgraded to 9.601-5 and lost all DNS resolution to home site from the RED 50 remote site.  Delete RED 50, rebooted UTM, rebooted RED 50, added RED 50 back into UTM.  Rebooted UTM, rebooted RED 50, rebooted client computer and still no DNS.  Discovered that users in this community were having issues with this firmware and RED devices.  Based on this post: I SHH'd into the UTM and reverted back to the firmware for the RED that is NOT the Unified Firmware.  Voila DNS resolution is back!  If anyone else is experiencing this issue you may want to try and revert the firmware on your RED box.  I have a Support incident open and I'll report back to them that the firmware caused issues.

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