APX 320 X, UTM Firewall + Wireless Protection


I have created an account on Sophos Central in order to manage some APX 320 X and I can't connect these APs to Sophos Central.

BUT, I already have Wireless Protection on my UTM 9 (firmware 9.713-19) enabled with nearly 60 APs configured.

I have read on this thread "AP did not connect to cloud within the timeout" that I should disable Wireless Protection the UTM. Is that correct ?

If it's correct, that doesn't suit me ....

Will Sophos support APX 320 X on UTM or not ?

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  • Salut, Jean-Charles - merci pour ta contribution !  C'est la première fois que je vois une solution pour l'UTM et l'APX 320.

    Cordialement - Bob
    PS Moving this thread to Recommended Reads

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