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Sophos Connect forgetting .pro (connection file)

I have been installing SophosConnect 2.2.90 on around 50 Getac G410s  most are G4 but a few are G3 which all have windows 11 pro on them.  Some of them will make it a few days, some will do this almost every time they reboot... Maybe half haven't done it at all.  What it is doing, is this guys will call me because they aren't connect to our network,  they will open SophosConnect and it opens the main interface asking if they want to import a connection file. 

My steps to install Sophos Connect v2.2.90 was to run the installer from a flash drive then also import the connection file from the same flash drive.  I tested a G4- S410 with Win11-pro for several weeks before changing over from the SG ssl (stoplight) version)to sohpos connect with no issues.  Anyone else seen this issue with a laptop forgetting the connection file?

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