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NAS External access

I have a File server name Synology, it has option to share files to external users, i tired to share the files but remote users not able to access it,

i have two Firewall in my Domain, one UTM version 9.711-5 another XG.

On XG i just created DNAT and allowed the fileserver to http and https access, this work fine and remote users have no issues.

But from UTM i did the same, i done creating rule for file server and allowed port 5000 and Dnat rule, but it not work.

Any suggestion would be appreciated

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  • Can you show more detail on the objects in red?

    If you're forwarding port 5000, why is the service definition different for the destination compared to source?  You want port 5000 (or 5001) on the wan side to be directed to the same on the lan?

    Which specific object are you using for external? There's 3 different ones, all start with external (wan....)

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