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Reconfigure Automatic Log File Deletion - Solution

 Reconfigure Automatic Log File Deletion asked:

"Is it possible under Logging & Reporting > Log Settings > Local Logging to get the system to automatically delete log files after a period of time that does NOT appear as an option in the drop-down list?

The available options are: Never, after 1 day, after 3 days etc. up to 1 year. I need only to retain the logs for a period of 6 months to meet legal requirements. Is there any way this can be achieved?"

Unfortunately, this forum is not very helpful and locks old threads, so I have to answer in this new thread.

Yes, it's possible!

With some HTML-hacking, you can configure any number of days as retention period. I just set mine to 999 days, so that I can keep a decent amount of logs, but I don't have to suffer from a UTM design flaw that doesn't allow us to delete old logfiles automatically without sending useless warning mails when a disk usage threshold is reached.


  • Right-click the drop-down and select "Inspect"
  • In your browser's developer tools, expand the <select> node
  • Edit the value in one of the options, e.g. change
    <option value="365">Delete logs after a year</option>
    <option value="999">Delete logs after a year</option>
  • click Apply

From now on, log files are deleted according to your choice. Caveat: The UI will show "Never delete log files", although the value you configured before is stored and stays active.

Hope that helps,

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