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Log all traffic to specific networks


We have to log all accesses to certain client systems from now on "for reasons". And actually in such a way that these accesses can be assigned to specific employees.

Question 1:

This should be done for http accesses via the WebProxy (running in transparent mode) as well as all other protocols, especially https and SSH.

Can the UTM do this and if so, how do I set it up?

Question 2:

In perspective, I would like to have a resolution of IP addresses to persons, as I can hardly reconstruct retrospectively who got which DHCP address at what time with which device. There is an extremely loose BYOD policy here :-(

Is there a possibility that access to the customer networks is only allowed after logging on to the UTM?

This should work from OSX, iOS, Windows and Android, from the LAN and from the VPN.

Many thanks for your ideas!

lg - Chris

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  • Hi Raphael,

    sorry for my delay.

    I misspelled the Webproxy: It is "URL filtering only" mode under WebProtection => Webfilter=>"https"

    When I switch on this option I can see https traffic in webfilter logfile. But unfortunately now the https traffic for some costumer sites that are only reachable via IPSEC tunnel is broken.

    I guess the webproxy grabs that traffic and does not reroute it through the necessary tunnel.

    Is there any solution how I can route traffic after passing webfilter? Right now I have to disable that option therefore....

    Thanks - Chris

  • Hello Chris,

    Good day and hope you are well.

    For your mentioned use case in Web Filtering you need to put the LAN network of the Branch office on the Web Filtering "Allowed Networks" on the SG device (Probably the Main/Head office where you would to use HTTPS proxy

    Then on the VPN settings of Main office > Local Networks create and use network objects of the Branch then vice versa, Branch should be configured to have Network definitions and Internet of (Head Office) to it's remote networks.

    Hope this helps. Have a nice day and thank you for choosing Sophos


    Raphael Alganes
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  • Hi Rapha,

    tank you for your answer.

    But it is not a branch. We have IPSEC tunnels to different costumers. They work as expected - until I switch on webfilter for https.

    And unfortunately adding the costumer target network(s) to allowed networks on webfilter global policies does not help to route the https traffic from LAN to costumer sites via the tunnel again. Clients will end up in a tie out and I have to switch off https filtering as soon as I can.

    Cheers - Chris