How to remove an ip of my mail server from the blacklist sophos?

Hi, I have a problem your mail server is rejecting the emails from my mail server.
: host[] said: 554 5.7.1
Service unavailable; Client host [] is blacklisted.

Thank you

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  • I often use MultiRBL to check. However in your case the IP in question is not listed in any of the 240+ reachable Blacklists: see  here 
    The only thing a little bit weird is that your IP is geolocated in Romania albeit you're from itlaly.
    However its not uncommon that ISPs rent IP blocks from others if they run out of available space.

    Who are you trying to reach? If it is your own Sophos Central account, maybe you did set up some form of geoblocking or explicit rules regarding this IP?

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