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UTM Version 9.352-6 and 9.318-5 released (Do not install!!)

DO NOT INSTALL - THE UPDATES ARE FAULTY (Read this thread through!)


· Security Update

· System will be rebooted

36115 WebAdmin reflective XSS Vulnerability
36126 OpenSSL security update 1.0.1q

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  • Installed on one UTM and 2 more will go in overnight.
    This update should quell some of the security questions.

  • Updated first 7 customers locally, performed tests, and did 42 this afternoon...all good so far ;)
  • Anyone else having issues with the Flow Monitor view throwing the error "Backend connection failed, please click Shift-Reload to try again." on the UTM management page?
    It's only there since upgrading this morning.
  • I just upgraded this morning and I am receiving the "Backend connection failed, please click Shift-Reload to try again." on the UTM management page as well.
  • I too am seeing an issue with "Flow Monitor view"
  • , Can you guys tell us the version number you are using 9.35x or 9.31x? Also, did you try an aditional reboot after the update just to make sure everything synced up properly? (not that it should matter and is still a bug nonetheless)


  • My version is 9.352-6 I did try one more reboot after the initial reboot on install. When clicking on the Flow Monitor it is not displaying anything as well. You just get the errors in the background. The errors will keep popping up while clicking on different menus on the UTM page until you log out and log back in.
  • Concurrent Connections window on the Dashboard no longer working, just shows a non-existent image location.  (9.352-6)

    When I brought my Webadmin page up the first time as well, there was some POST error I couldn't read fast enough. Before logging in, it was something about 'tamper on back end'. I will try to find it perhaps in a log file.  I could have read it wrong, but I haven't found anything at all in any logs yet.  I will have to look tomorrow when I get more time.

    UTM - 9.708 | Intel i3-4150 4th Gen Processor
    16GB Memory | 500GB SATA HDD | GB Ethernet x5

  • Since Version 9.352-6 the Backend Connection hung up, when i open the Flow Monitor.

    I can reproduce this on all GWs under my control who have the 9.352-6 installed (SG125W and SG430).

    In ATOP the DIsk Usage and The CPU goes to nearly 100% when i open the flow Monitor.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

    Cheers Andreas


    UTM SCE/SCA | Endpoint SCE

  • Same problem with Flow Monitor and Concurrent Connections, as reported by others.

    Release 9.352-6