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Time to replace hardware for home use.

Happy Holidays

I've been using Sophos UTM (formerly Astaro) for almost 15yrs runnning on the same hardware a Dell PowerEdge with 2Gb of RAM and 60Gb drive.  No major issue what's so ever (maybe a few hiccups). Recently Comcast offer to upgrade my broadband from 100Mbs to 600Mbs for a few dolllars more per month. I'm only getting speed at around 100Mbs because of the HW limitation. I'm looking to replace this Dell PowerEdge with a Qotom (i.e. Intel i5 or i7 etc..) and was looking for recommendation ffrom fellow UTM here in the forums.  I know there tis he HCL listing, but it seems oudated.  I was wondering if anyone recently puchase HW for home use and can offer their recommendation.  

btw, this purchase will be future proof and hopfully will last as long as my Dell PowerEdge, which is currently still humming along

 - 4 streaming Android boxes

 - 10 IoT devices

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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  • In your search, you may also want to consider the XG hardware limitations on your purchase, as some of us are getting that feeling that UTM is getting the boot within the next couple of years (SUM, RED all EoL'd next year), and Sophos is frankly moving on that way towards XG.  Of course, no one is verifying any UTM drop-off within that timeframe, but still... it's eventually the way of the dodo.

    Just food for thought.  

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  • Hey Patrick,

    If you're using the IPsec VPN, you will want to get an Intel processor that does AES-NI and use a GCM 'IPsec encryption algorithm'.

    You might also consult the last 50 or so threads in *Unofficial* Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Thanks to both Amodin and Bob for your feedbacks.  Looks like I found what I'm looking for in terms of future-proof and compatibility.

    Qotom Mini PC 4 LAN Core

    Q355G4 Intel Core i5-5200U, dual core, 3M cache, 2.2GHz, MAX 2.7GHz, AES-NI, Intel HD Graphics 5500

    - 8G RAM 256G SSD

    - LAN: 4 Intel I211-AT-10/100/1000 Controller

    Thanks again