UTM Home Edition License Question


UTM Home Edition License is  for private use only.

So is this only private intertnet Surfing, Streaming etc. - or does it allow me to work from home, using hardware my employer has provided me with?
(I am neither a business owner nor self enmployed)

  • Hallo and welcome to the UTM Community!

    I'm not a Sophos employee, but my interpretation is that if all of your personally-owned equipment is protected by the UTM, then the home-use license is appropriate.

    If the only thing connected to the UTM is the company-owned hardware, or if you have more company-owned pieces of hardware (server, printer, etc) than personally-owned, then a paid license or a RED would not be unreasonable.

    Are you already familiar with the UTM or have access to someone that is familiar with it?

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Dear Bob,

    thank you for your advice! 

    These are the company devices I have in use:

    1.) Company provided Laptop w/ company-provided vpn tunneling HW device

    2.) Company provided Laptop w/ company-provided vpn tunneling SW installed

    3.) Company provided ThinClient w/ internal vpn for Remote Desktop Access

    So I do not run any company server or PC for which the UTM would be used. The Sophos UTM would not need to inspect any packet for malware etc and there needs to be no protection except for standard NAT and SoHo like firewall. The firewall would need to pass everything to the company HW using VLANS (and Guest SSID for WLAN).

    I even might connect the company HW to the internet outside of the UTM Home, but this would work only for LAN.

    Since I intend to buy Sophos Access Points these would be managed by the UTM; so for home office using WLAN I would need to use the UTM home. 


    This is why I would be grateful for an answer from Sophos whether my use case would be covered.