UTM 320 Home license

Hi All,

We use Sophos at work so I recently purchased a Sophos utm 320 to use as a lab switch.

I can see their is a license on it or so it says.

It says:

Model: ASG software

License id: xxxxxxx

Subscriptions: Base functionality

I was thinking with home license a lot of items would be restricted but almost everything seems to be restricted with the following message:

"Licensing Info - [feature] is disabled as you do not have a subscription or your subscription is expired!"

Anyone know if this is normal.

I just want to use for a home lab maybe build some IPsec tunnels connect to red devices etc. etc.

Is it possible to download a home license for this physical box as when I look for sophos free home edition I only see the free software appliance but I think

I just need a new license ?

Can anyone shed any light as I just basically want some functionality with this device to just use it as a home lab.

Thanks in advance.