APX 320 dont showing Pending Access Points in UTM


I got my selfe a APX 320, and i far as i know its unused.
i connected it to the network and waiting for it to apper Pending Access Points but it dont.

DHCP has relesed a IP to the AP, and still noting.
Have already have aAP50 working, but the APX320 is a no-show...

i seen in the forum that was/is a FW problem and the tcp port is not correct in the firmware. 

Is there a way to fix this?

/Dan Ove

Miss spelling
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  • even if it was said in the forum it doesn't work ...
    I would try to build a DNAT rule and only change the DST port from 2713 to 2712. Check beforehand with TCPDump which target is being addressed (I think IP:

    ... and wait a long time...

    If it is a paid licence, open an RMA.


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