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Devices can't log on/kicked out on one Access Point only to automatically connect when moving close to another Access Point

We've had this issue for ages. It seems to be rearing its ugly head again, more often of late.

We're a school. UTM, 8 access points. 100-125 devices connected to WIFI.

Students are sitting with in 15 ft of the access point, which is hung up on a wall. And they can't connect to WIFI. It was working for them, then stops.

We have our middle schoolers on managed Chromebooks. The WIFI is manually entered on each device, becuase the Google Workspace push of WIFI info is very hit and miss. 

The student can't get on, Claims bad password, network not available, what ever.... Walks to me in another building, different access point and before they can finish complaining, they are connected full strength to the same WIFI network they were trying to connnect to in the other room.

I've taken one of the chromebooks and completely reinstalled the operating system, doesn't change a thing. Still doesn't want to connect.

I give the students a completely different Chromebook and they end up being able to connect, stay connected and it works.

It won't take long and I'll have another student come and same issue. I've walked back with the chromebook and sure enough, had WIFI in my space off one AP and when I leave this one and go to the other, it doesn't work.

I've had this same issue with our school's iPads. Students can't log in, web won't load, the devices feel like their choked. They walk away from their AP to a differnt one and suddenly they have connection and it works. Go back and if their lucky it will continue to work, if they aren't lucky, it will die again.

UTM powercycle doesn't change the sitution.
Moving around the AP's doesn't seem to change what's going on.
Replacing the wires between the switch and the AP doesn't solve the problem.

I can have 10+ students in the room, working away on their school work like all is well, and 2-3 others sitting there like WIFI was never invtented.

I'm baffled. I'm so sick of students coming to me saying their WIFI doesn't work.

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