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No main menu after ssh connection


I can connect and login to my Sophos UTM (9.711-5) with putty (ssh).

But the "Main menu" does not display.

I'd like to access the Device Console.

Can someone help me ?



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  • Thank you jprusch and BAlfson

    I have found this documentation : . So with a title like "Sophos UTM - 9 and Sophos XG Configuration" it is not easy to understand that does not concern me ;-)

    I know SIP is already disabled with web interface ... But I am curious and wanted to see more things ...

    My son use some video games that are using a voip software integration of vivox. Something annoying that causes problems for a lot of people...

    With a vpn, voip is ok, so i think i need to investigate... It's not easy to identify server(s) ip address(es) concerned. May be I will do some wireshark capture ...

    Just looking for a solution (easy one ?) which would save him from going through a vpn Slight smile