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Sophos AP15 Does not have the same Internet Speed

I have Sophos UTM with an Internet Speed of 200mbps bridged mode by ISP.

But my wireless AP15 doesn't have the same speed. I only get 10mbps max.

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  • Hi KhaLev!

    Did you verify that the link and wire you are using to the AP isnt broken?

    See if you attach a client to that wire the autoneg gives you 100M or 1G?

    Not sure if AP15 can provide more speed though, what do the specs say?

    I have several AP100 connected to my UTM, they seem to max out at around 250mbps. I have a 10G uplink to my ISP and Gigabit to the APs.

    Kind regards

  • It's not broken or something. I have another router and it gives the same speed as my AP15.

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