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WiFi devices + separate zone network => device connects but gets kicked off

I've got an issue with WiFi networks on our UTM+AP55 combo. A WiFi network using the "Bridge to AP LAN" feature works fine. However, I'd like to have a separate zone for a hotspot, and here things are not working as expected.

I've currently set up the hotspot to act like a normal open network for testing (no auth, no real hotspot functionality, just connect -> immediate access) with a basic DHCP, masquerade, DNS and a simple rule for accessing the internet using a wlanX interface.

Currently a device that connects to the hotspot network will receive an IP from the UTMs DHCP... but will not be able to actually access any resources as expected. And after some 20 seconds or so the device will be disconnected.

I've checked the WiFi log and there's nothing in there indicating any issues. Similar thing with the firewall log. I've tested this on two clients: my phone and my laptop, so it's unlikely to be a client-side issue.

Any idea what could be the problem?

PS. Our hotspot USED to work fine. This seems to be some kind of recent issue, but I cannot say when it started.

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  • Scratch that - I don't know what's going on but further testing using other IP ranges yielded much better results. It's likely my assessment of the issue is incorrect.

  • Would check, if there is a DHCP-reservation for this device/MAC within another lease ...

    (This is a XG-Problem ... but possible an SG Problem too) 


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