Microsoft Teams - Bad Network Quality

Hello All,

I am new to this forum and would like to seek help on a particular issue my colleagues are facing when attending Microsoft Teams conference calls while at the office which has Sophos UTM 9 controlling the Internet traffic. While at home due to WFH measures, they don't face the following issues.

A) There are multiple users' attending the same conference call from the same office network and outside from other countries and the below error message is displayed for the colleagues at my office.

B) Unable to see the screen that is shared by the participants

C) Voice keeps breaking

D) Overall, it appears audio/video quality is degraded even though we use a business grade broadband connection.

The applications related to Skype and Teams have been included in the QoS rules with dedicated bandwidth allocation, but that does not seem to make any difference.

Any idea why this could be happening?

Much appreciate any assistance.



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  • Thanks Amodin for the forum post link. Here are the details of the Sophos 135 hardware device.

    Firmware release: 9.707005

    After reviewing the information in the forum post and some others, I have tried to configure as follows based on what I understood, a Firewall rule and an Intrusion Prevention rule. I have yet to monitor the logs, but thought I had share it here, much appreciate if you could help review if it's done correctly.

    A) Firewall Rule

    We have two networks - Guest and Internal, we would want Teams users' to seamlessly connect to the 3 Teams network using the path defined for the service endpoints. 

    B) Intrusion Prevention

    My understanding from the forum posts indicated that skipping checks on UDP Flood Protection worked, hence I have configured accordingly, but I am unsure if I got the direction of traffic 3478:3481 --> 1:65535, where it's meant to reverse but it's same as the MS-Office (Teams) under Services in the Firewall section screenshot above.

    I referred the configuration from the following post where had recommended and had confirmed it worked for him.

    I also referred the Microsoft documentation to try and understand Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges related to Skype for Business and Teams.

    Much appreciate for your assistance, any advise would be appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards,