UTM licensing and support a total joke!

Well this is not so much a question, but more to provide an incite to anyone thinking of using Sophos technology anywhere in their business.

The sophos UTM device is something that my company invested quite heavily in. Around 30 devices in all.

The support we received was non existent. Every time being directed to a reseller that (as I as told) had no more info than our company did. We managed to get access to a Sophos support person who the just stopped contacting us.

We tried the support portal, but that was useless as well.

We were also told that hardware devices would revert to a basic firewall on license expiry. Something else that is a total lie. Logging into an expired hardware device just shows an "upload license message"

Given how bad Sophos support is, I would suggest that everyone steer clear of this company. We invested 1000's to get the worst service imaginable. Couple this with outright lies, makes Sophos a company to avoid. How this company remains in business while spreading lies and deceit is beyond my comprehension.    

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    We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. We’re actively working on initiatives to improve the overall Support experience and appreciate your patience.

    If you had concerns regarding a specific support case, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via PM, and I'll be happy to help follow up.



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  • Your first time posting here, David - welcome to the UTM Community.

    Sorry you're not getting good advice/assistance from your reseller - I can tell you that none of my clients have your complaints and that includes one in Perth that also has offices in North America.

    To use a UTM as just a firewall, you need the Essential Firewall license and uploading that will allow you to login to WebAdmin.

    Cheers - Bob

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