TLS 1.3 for WAF on UTM

Dear Sophos Support,

what is plan for TLS 1.3 Support for WAF on UTM FW? When is that implememtet? It seems that 1.3 is already implementet on XG so when we get that on UTM?

Many thank


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  • "A long time". Okay. Never mind the 28 drafts it took 4 years to go through, only to be finally approved in August 2018.  Approved.  Not implemented.  Hell, even a year later, or even two, there are still a lot of companies, entities and the like not implementing 1.3.

    There are entities just NOW implementing the use of this, and you talk like Sophos has been behind the times "for years".

    Stop the 'end of the world' shenanigans.  Please.

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