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Access points AP/APX going offline abruptly

Hi All,

We have 11 APs of different models:

Model Qty FW Version Power/Data Source
AP100C 4 v2.3.4-5 Cisco PoE Switch
AP100X 1 v2.3.4-5 Power Injector/Cisco PoE Switch
APX320X 2 v2.3.4-5 Power Injector/Cisco PoE Switch
APX530 4 v2.3.4-5 Cisco PoE Switch

We have Sophos XGS2300 (SFOS 19.5.2 MR-2-Build624) with DHCP service. Let us say with a network of 172.16.1.x. are reserved, and 11 APs are assigned static IP from this range. Clients connected to any of the APs will lease from 21-254.

All of the 11 APs are managed from Sophos Central.

The issue we are having for quite a while is any of them going offline abruptly. To bring them back alive, we have to unplug and plug back their cable OR disable/enable their respective port from the Switch.

We have contacted Sophos Support. So far, they proposed two recommendations:

  1. Turning off "Enable wireless protection" from XGS FW -> Protect - Wireless - Wireless Settings
  2. Assigning static IP address to the APs using their Mac address from XGS FW -> Configure - Network - DHCP.

None of the above recommendations have worked to resolve the issue. 

We are still having APs going offline with the following warning on Sophos Central. Access Point " NameofAP" is offline, s/n: xxxxxx7D7, site: xxxHQ, uptime: 7 hours 7 minutes, last-seen:9/7/23 1:09 PM

Does anyone have similar experience or know how to permanently resolve this annoying and disruptive issue? Thank you in advance!


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