Improvement request - Still updating a firewall requires so much time

Almost 20 seconds elapsed from the instant when you click apply to the instant you get back to Firewall rule page?

Guys, I hope that you track this as a bug and improve the performance.


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  • Just my opinion: I would not agree with you Luk, because i assume, SMB customer would rather use more then one product (XG). Most likely Endpoint, mobile or something like that. So the story to use Central is not new to most customers. 

    Lets stay on topic here: 

    Personally speaking, i use a XG125 at home and rather rarely touch this box. So i did not even notice the UI performance at all.

    Other boxes (XG450 and 230) are quite fast. 

    My lab vmware appliances are quit (Uses the I7 of my workstation). 



    If you access the webadmin of a CM managed EAP2 appliance, there will be a banner "Please do not change something on the Webadmin". 

    Did you see this change? Did somebody test this and report some feedback about CM to the DEV Guys? They are looking for your Feedback! 




  • Hi,

    I am running a 50/20mb/s link. If you think the management by the CFR is quick you must have a very fast connection and be close the server network speed wise.

    Using my J1900 XG I decided the GUI was too slow and moved a more powerful box, well the CFR management is slower than the J1900.


    V18.5.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram with 4 ports - 20w. 
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  • Well, I am an SMB customer, so let me share my perspective.

    I absolutely agree with Luk.  As a customer, the last thing I want to be told after buying a product is that I need to buy something else in order to "really use" the product I just bought.  It gives one the impression they have been "bait and switched" and trust me, it is not a positive feeling.   

    So to bring that full circle to the thread topic, the time it takes to update a firewall rule isn't too much of a problem for me personally because I don't do a lot of it; my firewalls are set up and I rarely need to make any large scale changes.  If I had to, I can see where it would be a frustration though, and I can promise you "buy Central" would not be an answer I'd personally be very happy receiving.