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Sophos SSL VPN issue on 2.3 version - Case 07368183

Case is not resolved. Please open the case.

Sophos team has migrated cyberoam to Sophos firewall & Its working properly from last 3years with Cyberaom certificate which expiry is 2036.

The issue is Sophos connect 2.3 is not working but 2.2 & 2.1 version is working proeprly.

The issue is in Sophos connect 2.3 version not in certificates. If the issue in the certificate then why its working in 2.2 and 2.1 version.

That means you guys have not updated everything in 2.3 version & even not informed to customer of your firmware update documentation.

I have logged the ticket & you guys told me regenerate the certificate but its not easy for me.. More than 100 users are connected with Sophos connect SSL VPN.

If I will regenerate the certificate then I will have to install VPN configuration on all the system again which is not possible for me to attend all the users. 

Its Sophso responsibility to resolve the customer issue on Sophos 2.3 version instead of change whole certificate... 2.3 version is not compatible with certificate.

We are not ready to change sophos certificate because of expiry is 2036. Please involve your senior team and solve the issue.



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  • What is the solution for this?

    We can't regenerate the certificates. Its very difficult for us to install the certificate again on all 100 users & also setup SSL VPN with ovpn file again..

    Why Sophos not implemented in Sophos Connect 2.3 version.. you will have to update the backward support certificate in new application 2.3 also Please check with dev team and resolve this.