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Dynamic DNS update cadence in 20.0?

I could swear that back in the day (maybe 18.5 or 19) that DDNS updated every five or 10 minutes and you could see this in the logs. We were using Google -- which has now sold its business -- and have switched to Cloudflare, and I'm not seeing any updates. Should it be updating (and logging) every few minutes?

If not, is there a way to force SFOS to test the mechanism to make sure I have the correct key, etc?

(The IP from the ISP is not changing and hasn't changed in years, so forcing it to change and trigger a DDNS update isn't going to happen.)

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  • Yes, that status. In my firewall the first three fields are blank and the fourth is "N/A". In the past (with Google), it would update regularly, and I could see the update in a log -- can't remember which one.

    I have filled in the API information for my Cloudflare, but since it apparently doesn't fire off Cloudflare DDNS unless my public IP changes, I cannot tell if the Cloudflare info is in fact correct. I'd like to force it to update. (Again, in the past, Google updated every 5 or 10 minutes, I think, so I could check this status and see.)