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How to block youtube for a particular IP range in Sophos XG

Hi everyone,

Firstly let me explain the setup i have for my home network

Have WAN plugged into a mini PC which runs Sophos XG. On Interface 4 of Mini PC i have plugged in ubiquiti AP from which other devices get wifi connection ( mobile phone , laptop etc )

The IP range i have assigned for Port 4 is

What I'm trying to achieve is to test and block youtube for wifi users , also  would like to limit internet speed / usage after 7pm on weekdays

Please advise if its possible with the setup i have

Please include screen shots of rules if possible 

Unable to upload any from my end cos im at work 

Keep up the good work on the discussions , very helpful 


Raju George


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  • Hi,

    Please include them your post, not as seperate documents, makes the thread easier for all to follow.

    Why does LAN 4 which appears to be the internet access have an IP address in the internal network. What interface does the Unifi AP connect to?


    XG115W - v20.0.1 MR-1 - Home

    XG on VM 8 - v20 GA

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