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my network exposed


today i tried to ipscan my network with a very larg range to check my network, the result shows there are many ranges that i am not aware of and they are not in my network, i ping them and i was able to run some ips in the browsers shows they are switches but not in my network, i took off my internet connection and they disappears which mean they are outside, i took my pc and plug it side by side with sophos and i was able to view my entire network. moreover, i made the rule to use only http and https protocols and still i am exposed, i cant ping anything inside my network but i can see them. how come i can scan my network and sophos let me go out side and the same to when i am outisde shows what is inside?

looking for your reply

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  • hello,

    thank you for your reply, side by side means on the same switch with sophos as i have a range of public IPs i made a scan from outside my network including my network range and it showed my my PCs, names, mac address.

    large range means i took a sample to scan from to just and actually my network is 192.168.8.*

    i found our one rule was causing that issue but i couldnt figure out what protocol ip scanner use.