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WAF Authentication Forms shows 404 after upgrade to SFOS 19.5.3 MR-3-Build652

After upgrade - all WAF with authentication form with template shows 404.

Opening and saving Protection Policy - does not solve the issue.

Recreation of Authentication Policy - does not solve the issue.

Reimporting form template - does not solve the issue.

reverseproxy.log - not showing any errors, except 404 reason.

Any manipulation with one WAF rule - ALL 59!!! rules are restarted. User Portal is showing to users, instead of web servers.

Searched, that this issue must be resolved in 19.5.3 MR-3, but it is still making huge problems

XGS3300 HA-cluster, Active-Passive

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  • Hi Serges,

    Upon checking the case status, the last update was the following, and you're requesting the commands.

    Two authentication templates were missing from the primary node. I have synchronized files to the primary node from the Auxiliary appliance. 

    Next, I have regenerated forms in the primary appliance to fix the issue. 

    After that, you confirmed that the form-based authentication is working properly. Please monitor this and let us know if you observe this issue. 

    You can use the command to Sync the templates. 

    This command is executed in an advanced shell. (SSH . Option 5> Option 3)

    /bin/syncfile /conf/sysfiles/waf/

    Erick Jan
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support
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