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Sophos fire wall Dual stack Control Center/system interfaces WAN link manager is red why not green?

Hi All,

I recently added IPv6 support to XG FW and something says not right. I have pubic v6  address on WAN link, 2 private ranges on LAN and DMZ . I am using router advertisement for IPv6. The FW rules show traffic on v6 both directions, The v6 test web sites give it 10/10 pass ( 1/2 my traffic volume in reports is v6. It all works great.!

However the gateway and interfaces turned red after I set this up and persist today, is it really broken? seems fine to me. Thoughts anyone?

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  • Hey Emmanuel,

    Ping does not work for IPv6, that is why we have red. The result is blank with OK button, no verbose at all.Wan link manager is pinging the default gateway (GW) on my router. This is a DHCP generated setting from the router. this is the same GW address used by all machines connected to this router. They all can ping the GW but not Sophos FW. BTW the IP is a link-local address, (FE80:::) I suspect that is not liked by FW.