Sophos connect provisioning file IPsec remote access with SSL VPN remote access


I have XGS2300 running (SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365). I have a question about the provisioning file and imported connections.
Whenever I run the provisioning file I always get IPsec remote access connection imported even though my group isn't in the IPsec remote access allowed users or groups.
Is it intentional? I've made a group only for the SSL VPN remote access connection so I could only import the SSL VPN file and not IPsec but I am still getting IPsec imported for some reason. I'll post some screenshots so you can see the group is not in the IPsec and I am still getting the file imported.
I have some users which use IPsec but I want to only get SSL VPN imported for users which I want to have SSL VPN only.
Can someone clarify this for me?

Thank you

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