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LAN Link aggregation or LAN Failover

Hi All,

We've had a core switch failure today. We used to have a Sophos UTM where it allowed us to configure LAN Aggregation. I can't seem to see this on the XG.

Is it possible, i really could do with connecting the XG to an additional core switch to protect against a failure such as what we've experienced.


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  • This seems* to be ok after creating the new AGG group on ports 1 & 5. I did this remotely from Sophos Central via the firewall manager.

    Before i did this i connect to the site using Sophos connect and did a few things before hand (like doing a back up).

    I've rebooted the XG and reconnected via Central. I can ping internal (LAN) pcs via the new AGG interface so i assuming all is fine?

    *That being said. I don't seem to be able to VPN back into the site via Sophos connect, and all the sophos access points are showing as "inactive". I hoping this is a central bug? :s

    I'll be on site early tomorrow just in case. Anything that could have caused this?

    I connect to the firewall via central, unbound the single LAN port (port1) and noted it's settings. Created a new AGG interface with Port 1 & 5 (both unbound) and entered the address details noted above. 

    EDIT: looking at the VPN logs on the xg. i'm getting rejected because of wrong credentials. go figure ?