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Sophos XG Home throttling bandwidth

XG Home firewall is throttling my bandwidth. I was able to get ~900MB download on a speed test from my computer through the ISP modem (connected directly). When I was connected through my home router (wired) without the XG home firewall in the network I would get ~880MB download. When I put the XG firewall into the network I now get <300MB. I checked all the traffic shaping configurations that I could find, but I could never get it to where it should be. Is there any traffic shaping configuration that I missed or configured wrong? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Protectli Vault FW2b

SFOS 18.0.6 MR-6-Build655

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  • I upgraded my Protectli Vault to the newest one, VP2410.

    J4125 Quad Core up to 2.7 GHz with 8GB of RAM. I also installed a Samsung 256GB SSD.

    I installed SW-18.0.1_MR-1-Build396-396 and currently have my computer connected to the LAN port and the WAN port connected to the ISP provided modem. Although I can get in to the firewall gui and make changes to the configuration, I can never get my computer to go out to the internet through the firewall. I am using it like a desktop firewall for my computer only. Any ideas as to why I have no luck getting out to the internet?

    Thank you for any insight.