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How to change the default OTP Account Name for Authenticator connections

Hi All,

Currently when a user scans a QR code for their Authenticator app, as part of our VPN provision, the Account Name for the XG VPN is set to three letters, which appears to be the acronym for our business/domain.

Is there any way to change this from 'ABC' to 'Brand Name VPN', or something along those lines? I've had a look around but couldn't find it in the interface, nor anywhere in the Sophos KB's. I know they can be renamed in whichever Authenticator app afterwards, but this is just an extra step we'd like to avoid.


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  • Hi Emmosophos,

    That's not what I'm seeing, but maybe I haven't explained it correctly. I see the hostname in the location you mention above as device.domain.tld.tld (etc.). Whereas in the iOS / Android app, the account name is simply registered as our brand's acronym, which is also the domain in my example. Is this expected?

    Other accounts in the Authenticator app would be listed on the app as an obvious identifier, e.g. 'LastPass', 'Microsoft'. But having just our brand/domain isn't ideal as we have lots of different services that use OTP, and having this one that lists as the whole brand doesn't make it obvious that it's for certain brand services we protect with the Sophos OTP and not all.


  • Hello Patrick,

    It should show the way I mentioned it, I haven't seen the App pulling an acronym, either on iOS/Android.

    What version of the Authenticator App are you using? The Latest one should be 1.4.2


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  • Hi Emmo.

    In the Sophos Authenticator app this appears as simply 'user@domain.tld.tld', although below it does say 'Sophos SFOS'. In any other Authenticator app, like Microsoft's Microsoft Authenticator, it states simply 'domain' - which is our preferred Authenticator app. Perhaps this is expected, but sadly doesn't make it easy for our users who have to easily identify multiple MFA products within a list which is used for their VPN.