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I tired to upgrade my XG firewall from version 17 to 18.  After the upgrade the server would not boot up again with various file system errors.  I decided to put a new hard drive in the same server and reinstall the firewall.  I then restored from the latest backup.  Everything works but apparently the license keys are not stored in the backup.  When I go to Activate my subscription the button is grayed out.  Sophos seems at a loss to help me with something so basic.  Has anyone else come across this and found a fix to activating your subscription after a reinstall?  Thanks.

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  • CM shows the firewall active and connected but there is no option for licenses.  My Sophos show all my firewalls (I have 4) and has all my license but no way to apply them to this machine except to download a license file.  There is no way to add that to the firewall with the grayed out activate subscription button.  This should not be this hard.