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How to bypass "waiting for user interaction" when a task is being held up

When installing apps with a task i notice that the task stops after installing an app.

The task is "waiting for user interaction" though the app is installed and works fine.

I do not know what user interaction i'm supposed to perform.

The task does not continue.

This happens on various occasions.

I perform the task mostly simultaneously on multiple i-devices.

But it also occurs also when i perform a single task bundle on 1 device

Every next task is delayed forever.


So, i manually wipe the device and start over again, but the same thing could happen again.


Apple DEP devices, Ios 12+, iphones 6, 6s+ 7 or up

Is there a solution to this problem?

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  • Thanks,

    Both Wifi and 4G, and internet cannot be the issue.

    Don´t know the appsize.

    Normally everything is fine and all the apps install normally on all my ipads.

    Somtimes it just won't work. Could well be solved the next day.

    If i install 3 ipads, one goes fine, the others stop on a pending task.

    Reinstalling does not help.

    But the next day and reinstalling could work fine.

    Seems to me that the mdm is behaving erratically.

    Any suggestions?

    Best regards.

    Roelant Bakker

  • If it's when installing apps, try selecting the Ignore app installation failures.


    I have seen this with Adobe Reader, constantly shows failed on MDM but installed on device.