Hi Partners,

Today we released updates to the following Datto RMM ComStore Components:

  • Sophos Central [WIN]
  • Sophos Central - Prompt Product [WIN]
  • Sophos Central - No Competitive Removal [WIN]

This update brings in a change that no longer requires the SophosMgmtServer Variable under Sites. It also removes the included SophosSetup.exe from the Components.

We've introduced a new Download Installer API to download the correct SophosSetup.exe directly from Sophos Central based on the Customer Token provided.

You will still need to create the SophosCustToken and SophosProducts Variables per Site. Instructions for this can be found under the Integrations tab on this community page.


The Component Installers version will now be 0.2 with Central Monitor remaining at 0.1.



Steve Weber

Global MSP Sales Engineer

  • Thanks for those Steve.

    FYI - it would good if you could start putting a version number in the Description so we can be sure the latest version has been added to our Component library from the Comstore.

    Also the description on the new Components (today) still refers to a need for the Management Server to be specified in Site Variables.