Multiple issues in Central

On Friday 8 march at approx 11:00 AEDT (00:00 UTC) I got a notification in Central that it was under maintenance, which I figured would explain why i couldn't see any end-points, there were no Alarms (i always have a few Low alarms) nor run Account Health Check etc.

Logging in again this morning I have the same issue - I should see Firewalls, Endpoints and MDR, but i can only find the Firewalls.

Does anyone know if there is an extended outage following the maintenance? 

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  • Hi Glenn, 

    I think you're right, and I've opened a support call (07266766) - I can see our current licenses in the Enterprise Admin console that expire in 2025, but when i allocate them to the sub-estate, I get a big green tick that its done, but nothing changes. 

    We had a previous call #07200752 with the original license not appearing, and were assured at the time they would tick over automatically, but i guess not.



  • Thank you Justin for your confirmation. I have checked the case you've shared. The assigned engineer has already requested that this case be moved to our Customer Care team so they can check the license issue.

    Kindly expect an email or call from our Customer Care team to assist you further with this case. 

    If you have more concerns related to our products, feel free to reach us any time. 

    Have a good day ahead 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
    Global Community Support Engineer

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